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Amish Showroom
Grunge Wood


When you can offer a product to the consumer with which you are proud to associate yourself, each day’s work is a pleasant experience.

Ray and Janet Betka were looking for just such an opportunity and found it when they learned about a small group of Amish builders in Illinois who were willing to sell their product to people in Colorado. In 1992, the Betkas met these builders and made arrangements to open a retail showroom in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. This was the birth of Amish Showcase.

The first showroom was less than 3000 square feet, and furniture occupied every inch of space, necessitating an expansion after the first year. Customers loved to rub their hands over the elegant finishes and smell the essence of wood that filled the store. They would reminisce about their grandparent’s dining room table, or the tall feather bed upstairs in the old farmhouse.

As time passed the Betkas passed ideas along to the builders from some of their customers who desired a more western style of furniture, or a more urban style. The builders complied, adding new styles each year, and today, 15 years later Amish Showcase provides a vast number of choices of styles of furniture, all made in the old world techniques, with the modern adaptations demanded by today’s lifestyles, yet still retaining the quality of workmanship for which the Amish are well-known. And the choices are endless, providing each customer with a unique piece of furniture that specifically fits their needs.

Ray and Janet retired in 2011. Their long time sales person Cheryl Mathews has now taken over ownership. She would like to invite you to visit the showroom in Fort Collins to experience firsthand what they discovered back in 1992. Along with supplying a top notch product, a lifetime warranty is offered on the Amish furniture and the best customer service anywhere.

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